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Watchers in the Lanayru Desert Silent Realm
Habitat(s)Silent Realm

A Watcher is an enemy featured in Skyward Sword. They, along with the Guardians, protect and patrol the Silent Realm. However, unlike the Silent Realm Guardians, the Watchers are not affected by the Sacred Tears and thus will not be stunned by its power.

The Watchers shine a light through the realm. If Link passes through this light, the Watcher will emit a loud sound that will awaken the Silent Realm Guardians, canceling the effects of the Sacred Tears.

There are two types of Watchers. The Sky Watchers patrol the air with a light in a fixed route. The Earth Watchers hover near the ground, and will chase Link if he gets too close to them. However, he can outrun them by dashing.



20px Names in Other Regions File:Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Region Name


Watcher Sky Watcher Earth Watcher
Japanese Japan
Spanish Latin America Vigias Vigias aéreos Vigias terrestres
French Canada Veilleurs Veilleurs volant dans le ciel Veilleurs patrouillant au sol
German Germany
Italian Italy